Revival in the Midst of Adverse Conditions

Revival must start in your heart and my heart!

The early church advanced in the face of adverse conditions. Rome was crumbling from within. Wars, taxation, inflation, and flagrant immorality had decayed the whole empire. The church was beset by bitter persecution. In spite of all this, the church continued to advance, and was triumphant in the end. What was the secret of their success?


They were unfaltering in dedication. Acts 4:8-12

The early Christians had dedicated themselves to spreading the good news that Christ could alleviate sin, sickness, and suffering. This is the message the world desperately needs to hear today.

They were steadfast in holiness of character. Act 4:31

They were unwavering in faith. Acts 4:29,30

They relied unfalteringly on the Holy Spirit. Acts 4:31,33


In other years, God visited the Welsh people with power from on high. Revival fires were burning with white-heat intensity throughout the land. The people were getting right with one another and with God. The Lost ones were being saved. Those coming from afar to the meetings would inquire of the policemen, "Where's the revival?" Snapping to attention, and with a glow on their faces, they would reply, as they pointed to their hearts, "Ah, the revival is here!" That is the revival we need.  It must start in your heart and in my heart.