Who is that God?

God is unchangeable!

Daniel 3:15, “...and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands?


This was the snarl of Nebuchadnezzer when the Hebrew children refused to bow down and worship his idol.  He found out who God was before the day was over. His testimony then was, “…blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego….”  God has shown the world who he was on many occasions: he delivered Elijah from Jezebel; he delivered Paul from a wicked plot to take his life; he delivered Peter from a prison; and one day he is going to deliver his children from this present world of sin.  In light of this passage and other Scriptures let us note some important facts about God.


1. God is unchangeable

2. God is a revealer

3. God is all powerful


 “…. Who is that God….?”  American history will reply that in His name there has been built a nation with more privileges, for more people, for more progress than ever before.  Industry will reply that there must be an Almighty One-the Lawgiver.  What if ready-to-wear could no longer depend upon men’s sizes being somewhere between 32 and 46 or women’s sizes somewhere between 12 and 18?  How could industry plan?  On what stability could engineers base their predictions?  The mariner will reply that He is the God behind the comforting mystery of the magnetic north pole.  What pulls the needle of the compass?  Who is behind that magnetized spot?  The astronomer will say that He is the Great Time-keeper – The One who runs the stars so accurately that Greenwich time is based on their split-second regularity.  The horticulturist will confess that he is that Creator who can seal into a tiny seed the distinctive features, the shade and the scent of one particular rose.  The scientist acknowledges that he is the mind of the universe.  The sinner will answer that He is the God who cannot be mocked.