The Man Who Encouraged Himself in the Lord

Is your relationship with God personal?

1 Samuel 30:6, David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him; each one was bitter in spirit because of his sons and daughters. But David found strength in the Lord his God.


This passage reveals David at a very low point in his life.  Because of Saul's hostility he had been wandering in the wilderness like an outlaw until he finally took refuge in Philistine territory.  He had gathered around himself a band of desperate men.  The Philistine army was preparing to attack Saul's forces so they did not trust David.  David took his troops back to Ziklag where they had lived for a period of time.  When they arrived, it was a heap of smoking ruins.  Everything was gone; property, cattle, wives, children.  Mutiny broke out in his ranks and his troops were ready to stone him.  What did David do in this difficult situation?  The text says, "He encouraged himself in the Lord."


Arthur Clough wrote some lines of verse that expresses the reason for being encouraged in the Lord.

"It fortifies my soul to know

That though I perish, truth is so.

That, howsoe'er I stray and range,

Whate'er I do, Thou dost not change.

I steadier step when I recall

That, if I slip, Thou dost not fall."


The important thing to be noted here is that David encouraged himself in the Lord.  David's relationship with God was personal.  He often referred to the Lord as "My God," (Psalm 23:1).  Paul understood this kind of relationship (Phil. 4:19).  How can God be mine and everyone else's too?  It is my sun but it belongs to everyone else too.