How Shall We Know the Word Which the Lord Hath Not Spoken?

God's Word is the truth that sets us free.

There is a great danger in the psychic phenomena being advocated by many in the educational field (Yoga, polarity massage, bioenergetics, TM etc.) Dennis Roberts wrote an article, “Is Satan Trying to Psyche Us Out?”  He said, “We must recognize that the current psychic craze is one of Satan’s most effective recruitment devices to the occult.”


“How to spot a Cult”

1.  A dynamic Leader

2.  New Revelation

3.  One True Church

4. “Last Days” belief

5.  Zealous evangelism

6. Separation from the world

7. Total Commitment

8. Intensive Indoctrination.            

9. Authoritarian government

10. Persecution complex

11. Works righteousness

12.  Defective Christology


Paul said that when a prophet speaks we are to judge whether or not his message is true (1 Corinthians 14:29).   If a prophecy is not true it is to be rejected.


A two-fold test:

1.  Does it agree with God’s Word?  Key points where error can be detected:  The Bible not all of God’s Word; Christ is not God; the cross not central in God’s plan; salvation not by grace; failure to depend on the Holy Spirit. 

2. What kind of fruit does it produce?  Does it come to pass?  Does it produce love?  Does it strengthen morals?  Some have criticized the Bible saying it has immoral stories in it.  But the Bible promotes good morals.


John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The Bible is God’s Word that sets men free.