When the Jordan Overflows

How often have we had to face situations with an inadequate supply?

Joshua 3:15-16, “Now the Jordan is at flood stage all during harvest.” Now God knew about this. He knew the Jordan overflowed its banks at harvest time, but instead of bringing them there at another time, God brought them at harvest time.  It would have been much easier to cross at ankle-stage. Sir, God ordained this.  You say, but that was poor timing.


How often have we had to face situations with an inadequate supply?  The Lord told the disciples to feed the multitude with 5 loaves and two fish - “They need not depart, give ye them to eat.”  The little boy who gave his lunch was the hero.  He was the only one in that crowd who had sense enough to pack a lunch. Another time there was not an adequate supply was when the supply of wine ran short at the marriage in Cana of Galilee and when this happened the disciples believed and Sir, this will make believers out of our generation.


2 Kings 6:15, the assistant wanted to know how they were going to make it – You never work in an ideal situation.  Some of you wonder if it’ll be 6 months before you have to close the doors.  Elisha’s servant couldn’t see anything but armies surrounding them and said, “Master what are we going to do.”  Elisha said, “Don’t worry for they that are with us are more than they be with them.”  Elisha had faith and looked over into the unknown and with the eye of faith saw that which was invisible!  The prophet prayed, “Lord, open the servant’s eyes and let him see.  The scales fell off and he saw horses and chariots of fire?  Sir, when the Jordan overflows its banks, look through eyes of faith to that one who is invisible to the naked eye!


Paul told the men on the ship not to be afraid, for an angel of the Lord stood by me this night whose I am and whom I serve, so, sirs be of good cheer. Joshua 3:10, “Hereby, ye shall know the living God is among you.”  How will we know?  The waters of the Jordan will be cut off and stand up!  When will it happen?  When all the banks are overflowed, when you’ve been tested to the very depth of your strength, when you’ve exhausted all your energies – your intellect.


Let’s pray over our city-it’s scriptural to turn your face toward the city and pray.  Daniel did and so did Jonah in the whale’s belly.  That’s one that is hard to understand.  How could he know the direction of Jerusalem?  The Lord said lengthen your cords or ropes.


Jordan overflowed until the priests feet hit the foot of the water – not until they put their feet in the water and started walking. Start walking, there are no uncrossable rivers.