Jesus Loves The Church

The church belongs to Jesus.  He said "I will build my church."  Jesus established the church.  He died for the church.  Jesus cares for the church.  No matter how bad things may look, Jesus is going to take care of His church.  When Jesus started His church,

the pastor (Jesus Himself) was being executed.  The chairman of the board (Peter) was out cursing and swearing that he had never been a part of the church.  The treasurer (Judas) was committing suicide after embezzling the funds.  Most of the rest of the board members (the apostles) had run away.  A few ladies from the women's fellowship were about the only ones who showed much faithfulness.  Your church can't be in that bad a shape.  So pitch in and help it keep growing.


I owe a debt of gratitude to the church that I will never be able to pay.  I was saved in the church.  I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in the church.  I was discipled in the church.  The church has given me a place to serve for most of my life. I thank God for the church. Only eternity will reveal how many have been ministered to by the church.


         My Church

A room of quiet,

a temple of peace;

A home of faith—

where doubtings cease

A house of comfort,

where hope is given;

A source of strength

to help us to heaven;

A place of worship,

a place to pray—

I found all this

in my Church today.

—Owen W. Glassburn