Desperate for God

How desperate are you to have God in your life?  Read my latest blog post on finding God.

1 Timothy 6:11, But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Are we really serious about wanting God in our lives? Paul tells us to follow after certain godly characteristics.  This word follow in the original language of the Bible means to pursue after God with our whole heart. It is like a hunter hunting game, like a runner running to win a race, like a warrior fighting to win a battle.



The story is told about a young man who came to a man of God and said, Sir, I want to find God, but I don't know how.  Please help me.  The man of God gave him some instructions from the Bible and told him to report back to him in two weeks. 


At the appointed time the young man returned to visit with the man of God.  The man of God asked him how he was doing.  The young man said that he had followed the instructions that had been given to him but still could not find God.  He wanted to know what else he must do. 


The man of God took him to the river and after they had waded out into the water about waist deep, he took him by the hair of the head and held him under the water.  In a short period of time the young man began to need air.  He struggled to lift his head out of the water, but his head continued to be held under the water.  It was not long until he became desperate.  Finally, the man of God jerked his head out of the water.  While he was still gasping for air the young man said, Why did you do that to me?  The man of God replied, When you want God as desperately as you just wanted air, you will find Him.


How desperate are you to have God in your life?