Ten Commandments for Christmas

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

The St. Andrews Episcopal Church published the Ten Commandments of Christmas.


I.  Thou shalt not leave Christ out of Christmas, making it 'Xmas' for this is the sign that thou art lazy-minded, and spiritually listless.  To most minds 'X' stands not for Christ, but for the algebraic unknown. 


II.  Thou shalt not value thy gifts by their cost, for verily many shall signify love that is more blessed and beautiful than silver and gold. 


III.  Thou shalt give thyself with thy gifts.  Thy love and thy service shall increase the value of thy gift a hundredfold, and he that receiveth it shall treasure it. 


IV.  Thou shalt not let Santa Claus take the place of Jesus Christ .  In many homes, Santa Claus supercedes the Christ Child and Christmas becomes a mere fairy tale. 


V.  Thou shalt not burden thy servant.  The shop girl, the servant and the merchant should have consideration. 


VI.  Thou shalt not neglect the church.  Its Christmas services are planned to help spiritualize the Holy Christmas season for thee, thy child and thy household.  The Church represents Jesus Christ, the only true defense against rising evils. 


VII.  Thou shalt not neglect the needy.  Let thy bountiful blessings be shared with the many who will go hungry and shiver with cold unless thou art generous in their time of want. 


VIII.  Thou shalt be as a little child.  Christmas is the day of the Christ Child.  Not until thou hast become in spirit even as a little child art thou ready to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. 


IX.  Thou shalt prepare thy soul for Christmas.  For verily most of us spend much time and money getting gifts ready, but few seconds in preparing our souls to meet Christ. 


X.  Thou shalt give thy heart to Christ.  Let thy Christmas list have Christ at the top and thy heart as the gift for in so doing thou art as the Wise Men of old, and verily thou shalt find thyself born again on Christmas Day.