How Could the Death of Christ Save the Whole World?

Saving the World

How could the death of Christ save the whole world?


When David Livingstone, the great missionary, tried to explain the philosophy of God's plan of salvation to the Africans, they, hearing the story for the first time, asked him, "Teacher, how could one man die for the whole human race?"



This is Livingstone's explanation.  He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out two coins, one a common British copper penny, the other a little glittering golden sovereign. He explained that in the country from which he came, the little golden coin which was not so large as the penny and did not weigh as much was actually worth 240 of the copper pennies. The difference in the value was a result of the inherent, intrinsic difference in the metal. So he explained that God's holy, perfect, well-beloved Son was worth a whole world of guilty, lost, condemned sinners.