How to Face the Difficulties of Life

What is the situation in your life?

It was not until Beethoven had become so deaf he could not hear the fortissimo of a full orchestra that he composed his chief oratorio. It was not until John Milton had become stone-blind that he could dictate the most sublime poem of the ages.  It was not until Walter Scott was kicked by a horse and confined to the house for many days that he could write the "Lay of the Last Minstrel." The painter who mixes his colors with blood from his own broken heart makes the best pictures.  The mightiest men of all ages have been mightiest in their agonies.


There was a woman in the Bible by the name of Hannah (1 Samuel 1:5); she was barren, which was a curse in Bible days. Hannah prayed and God turned her curse into a blessing. She bore a child and named him Samuel.  He was one of the great Judges of Israel.  No matter what your situation, pray and trust God to turn it into a blessing.